This timetable is subject to change. If you are interested in a class not listed in the timetable or would like to book a private lesson please contact Sifu to arrange a class

Classes & Times

Important Notice: The Dojo will open on Monday 12th April 2021 (Based on latest news from the UK Government)

*Online Zoom lessons are now available – Please contact me for more details*

Monday: Children 8 to 10yrs (7pm – 8pm), Adults (8pm to 10pm)

Tuesday: Children 10 to 14yrs (7pm – 8pm), Adults (8pm to 10pm)

Wednesday: Children 10 to 14yrs (7pm – 8pm), Adults (8pm to 10pm)

Thursday: Children 5 to 7yrs (5:30pm – 6:30pm), Children 8 to 10yrs (6:30pm – 7:30pm) 

Friday: Adults (Temporarily Closed)

Saturday: Private Lessons (10am – 4pm)

Sunday: Private Lessons (10am – 4pm)

Private lessons available (week days & weekends). Please contact us for details as the private teaching schedule can change. 
*Please Note: We are usually closed over the Christmas and Bank Holiday periods*

Training & Membership Fee’s


  • Classes (4 Lessons): £50 (Adults), £35 (Under 16s)
  • Classes Per Session: £12.50, £10 (Under 16s)
  • Unlimited Classes Per Month: £110
  • Private Lesson: £40 (One to One)
  • Private Lesson: £30 (Groups of 2-4 students)
  • Membership and Insurance: £40 per year, £30 per year (Under 16s)

48-hour cancellation notice is required for private sessions.

Please Note:

  • After the first pay as you go class, payments will be made monthly. 
  • All fees are none refundable once paid.
  • ‘Pay as you go’ is only allowed for your first session. (Adult: £12.50 / Kids: £10)

Products, Clothing & Equipment

M.D. Book£20
DVDs (old series)£10
DVDs (new series)£15
Caps/Beenie Hats£12
Kung Fu Trainers£30
Kung Fu Suit£55
Wrist Wraps£5
Pro Skipping Rope£10
Bag Gloves£15
Soft Hand Pads£25
Hard Hand Pads£30
Boxing Gloves£30
Large Shield£30-35
Punch Bag (4ft-6ft)£50