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Steve West – MD Student

I first began studying martial arts with Sifu Marc Davis back in 1994 at the age of 15. I initially went to Sifu Marc’s classes looking for a teacher, but I am now proud and honoured to say that along the way I have also found a life mentor and ...

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Comments Off on Andy Dorras – MD Student

Andy Dorras – MD Student

I have been training with Sifu Marc Davies for over 4 years and I can sum up my time under him instruction in one word "Exceptional". I am lucky and honoured to be one of his students. Sifu's in-depth knowledge of the inner and exterior working of Martial Arts is amazing. He has dedicated his ...

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Comments Off on Safiyah, MD Student (10 years old)

Safiyah, MD Student (10 years old)

I have been going to MD Martial Arts for almost 5 years and I have really, really enjoyed it!!!!!!!! It has helped me with my confidence, strength and flexibility!! I always look forward to the classes and LOVE them. Both, the teachers and the students, ...

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Comments Off on Red & Gilda

Red & Gilda

Sifu Marc Davis has been training our daughter for 5 years now and we have noticed how she has flourished under his tuition and her confidence has grown year on year.   MD Martial Arts has helped Safiyah is many other areas as well. It has given her greater flexibility in her ...

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Comments Off on Justin Samuels, MD Student

Justin Samuels, MD Student

I was first introduced to Sifu Marc Davis & MD martial arts through a friend of mine, that was roughly about four years ago, at the time even I failed to realise the positive effect that Sifu Davis would have on my life both in both a physical and mental ...

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