Wooden Dummy Techniques – Instructional Video


Showing the real reasons why the wooden dummy is important.

This video bridges the gap between theory and real-life situations. You have probably seen many people use the wooden dummy before but not many people can explain why and how we can use it in real situations.

Just learning theory doesn’t mean you can defend yourself.

The wooden dummy has been stable in the world of martial arts for centuries. Many teacher and student have mastered and memorise each sequence. but few can actually use the principles of the dummy and apply it to real-life situations.

Sifu Marc Davis takes you through a number of sequences on the dummy but also shows you how to apply it in real life situations. With one of his students demonstrating the attacks, Sifu shows you why each defensive and attack is used and when are the right times to apply it.

This video covers simple yet powerful principles on the dummy and will give you the ‘a-ha’ moment that will help you link the dummy to real-life situations.